The rain intensified the closer she got to the church. Glinda didn't know if she should take it as a sign or not. Her stomach twisted at the thought of being married again. Her first lasted two months. That's when Frank took a swing at her after coming home drunk for the fifteenth day in …

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Our calculation was almost right on. It took us two year to get here. We left Mars in the nick of time. It melted, just like the Earth had done four hundred years earlier. It wouldn't be long before the whole Milky Way will be gone, then the sun is going to burn out. Planet …

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Soul of Fire

Look into your eyes Do you see what I see? I see a soul that glows Glows as bright as the sunlight It leads you from the darkest of nights With so much fire It lifts you higher and higher Burns with so much desire Look into your eyes Do you see what I see?