Today is the day Going to delete you Like you did to me All those months ago   Going to delete you And let my heart heal Becoming whole again   Sadness and relief seeing your pictures disappear   I deleted you today


Walking under groundIn a imaginary worldTalking to anyoneListening to no one Clouds form over the horizonAs you walk toward a spinning moonSoon to be brokenFrom the strangle of life Sharing feelings reached by someExpressing emotion to no oneBetrayed be love onesBut loved by many Losing control of your sensesWary or your surroundsHearing your heart poundAs you walk under …

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Push me away

Don't push me awayI am strong, not easily afraidDon't push me awayI will just sway Don't knock me downI will not frownDon't knock me downI am too sound Don't ignore meI will be heardDon't ignore meMy voice will be loud Don't judge meI am who I amThat's all I need to be Push me awayIf you dare

Morning Glow

She caught my eyeThe girl with the long hairAnd lovin eyesEvery morninShe takes a bus rideSitting side by side with childReading a bookPeaking out the windowshe has that morning glow Idol chit-chatPasses the timeAs passengers come and go With a smile and a waveShe's on the goUntil next timeMy morning glow.