Evergreen Island

The fog finally began to lift afte two days. But the water kept raising. It must still be raining up river.

Evergreen Island used to be such a nice place to live. Until the storms came. The calm water had turned choppy and swift.

Chad rushed to the last boat leaving the island. No one was around. Was he late? Could he have read the flyer wrong? He looked at his watch.

Trapped, with the water quickly rising. Why didn’t Chad ever learn to swim? All the while searching fo something to float on, he imagined himself drowning. In his mind, the worst possible way to die.

The wind began to gust as the sky darkened. The slight drizzle turned into a pelting storm.

A light shone through the blowing trees. Chad looked up to see a rescue helicopter hovering above.

“Down here,” Chad flailed his arms. Not like they could hear him.

The basket lifted him just as the rushing water submerged the island. Chad gazed around wondering if Evergreen Island would be, some day again, be like it was.

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