First Case

“It’s time,” the masked man said, coming in the door.

Buddy was powerless to do anything. If only he could loosen the knots keeping each hand tied to the arms of the chair.

For almost a year Buddy has been following Frank and Jesse James, the identical diamond thieves. The twins have been eluding the authorities in five states over four years. He thought he caught them red handed until Buddy felt a gun against his back.

The twin pulled a syringe from the inside of his jacket. Buddy couldn’t tell if it was loaded or not.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” the mask said, in a slow voice.

Buddy squirmed, and rocked side to side in the chair avoiding the needle. Raising his knees up, Buddy successfully hit the twin in the balls. He let out a moan and bent over. The mask fell to his back when Buddy head-butted him on the top of his head.

Buddy stood with the chair tied to him, and hopped back to the wall smashing the chair. Grabbing the syringe, he jammed into the twin’s neck. Hearing the other one coming, he frantically untied his feet.

Buddy clocked Jesse in the head as he entered the door. Frank moaned and started to move. Rushing over, Buddy kicked him in the ribs.

He grabbed the three ropes, tied them together, and tied the James boys back to back.

Closing his first case got a little too exciting, but oh-so satisfying.

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