Always and Forever

Ron and Suzy recited their vows on the beach at the Gulfport Beach Recreation Area.

Suzy looked stunning in her custom made dress. It ran of her shoulders with lace covering the chest, showing a little cleavage. The bottom was cut just above the ankles exposing Suzy’s bare feet.

Ron rented a beach powered wheelchair for the ceremony. He was dapper in his mid-night blue tuxedo with bow tie. Like Suzy, Ron wasn’t wearing anything on his feet.

The reception was held at Last Call. The club filled with three-hundred guest. The tables were covered with lace table cloths with a candle in the center, and a band on stage.

Suzy was sitting on Ron’s lap as he wheeled in when the band leader introduced them. It was like they were meant to be.

Dinner was catered from Ron’s favorite upscale restaurant. He could eat their bacon rolled scallops every day.

All during dinner Ron couldn’t keep his eyes off of Suzy. Of all the moments he had playing basketball in the Paralympics, this was the high point in his life. Ron had all but given up on getting married.

Suzy sat in the middle of the dance floor for the removal of the garter. Ron wheeled up and Suzy rested her leg on his lap.  Ron reached under her dress and pulled out a pare of purple panties he had hidden in his sleeve. The crowed laughed and cheered.

Suzy picked their wedding song; Always And Forever by Luther Vandross. Ron tried to hold his emotions in while he slowly wheeled back and forth with her on his lap. Suzy gazed at him and smiled with a tear running down her cheek.  He wiped it away, kissed her softly and started to cry.

The line for the bridle dance was halfway around the room. Ron was getting worried because his big surprise was on its way.

With Suzy in a semi-circle surrounded by he mother and a couple of bridesmaids, Ron wheeled in a pulled Suzy down onto his lap. Some of the guest made a path way to the door.

Waiting outside for them was a horse drawn-carriage.  The coachman opened the door, and helped Suzy in. Two Groomsmen picked Ron up into the carriage.  They waved out the back window to the crowed that had gathered to see the newlyweds off.

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