Cape Cod Bay

Stacy loved coming to the beach before sunrise. Something she’s done every morning since her and Tom bought the small beach house five year ago. Stacy loved the peacefulness, just listening to the birds and the sound of the water lapping on the shore.

She had herd stories about mystical sea creatures living in Cape Cod Bay. Some more outlandish than others, but Stacy never believed any of them.

Not far from where she was letting the water tickle her toes, something caught Stacy’s eye. At first glance Stacy thought it was a big peace of seaweed. Stacy made her way down the beach to get a better look.

Inching closer, she quickly stopped. Did Stacy really see what she thought she saw? Stacy gazed around the beach to see if anyone was here, and saw what she did.

Stacy grabbed a branch that was floating in the surf, and continued forward holding in a the branch defensively. Standing over it, she could clearly make out the fins under the sea grass.

Poking it lightly, but it didn’t move. A little harder, and it rose to a sitting position, clearly showing a small beak. Stacy jumped back in a start. Whatever it was let out a loud screeching sound, going through her body as Stacy ran away covering her ears.

When she looked back, nothing was there. Maybe some of those stories had merit after all.

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