I flaked out on my girlfriend for this? What the fuck was I thinking? Jim and his bright ideas. Some fun.

It all started when I got in the car with Jim, and he said, “I got a surprise for you.”

I should’ve known then. Jim doesn’t do little surprises, but this was just insane.

I get out of the car, “Jim, what the hell are we doing at the marina?’

He points at a boat, “Get in. We’re going fishing.”


“Yeah,” he steps in the boat. “Shark fishing.

“Are you crazy?” I put my hands on my hips. “First of all,” I hold up one finger. “You don’t know how to fish. And two, Sharks? Have you lost your mind?”

“How hard can it be?” He holds up a bluefish, “You put this on a hook, and drop it in the water.”

I shrug my shoulders, “Just like that?” I say in a mocking voice.

He nods

I jump into the boat, “I should have my head examined.”

He fires up the boat, “Just just down. It’ll be fun.”

We did’t go far out into the gulf, which was probably a good thing.  He baited that hook and cast it out like he knew what he was doing. I was impressed.

“You can learn anything from google,” he says.

Three hours later, and all we’re doing is sweating our asses off. I beg him to go in.

“Another half hour.”

I look at the time on my phone, “Thirty minutes,” I forcefully say.

His lines goes tight. Jim tries to reel it, but it’s caught.  The boat begins to move. Now I’m shitting my pants because, what the hell is on the line?

A loud knock comes from underneath, almost capsizing us.

Jim quickly cuts the line as I pull the anchor, but the anchor wasn’t there. Whatever was under us started to lift the boat out of the water, and we both fall to the floor.

I see, what looks like, a tentacle coming over the side of the boat.

“What the fuck?” Jim yells.

A siren is blaring toward us. The tentacle slithers back into the water, and the boat splashes down. The cutter pulls up beside us.

“Are you guy all right?” one of the Coast Guardsman said.

I point to the water, “What the fuck was that thing.

“A squid.”

“A squid?” Jim and I yell in unison.

“We call him Sammy,” the Guardsman says. “Every now and then he likes to play with boats.”

Jim and I stare at each other dumbfounded. The cutter motors away, Jim starts the boat to head in.

As we’re climbing out of the boat, I say, “I ain’t ever goin fishing with you again.”

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