With Out A Word

She didn’t have a good feeling about this trip, frankly, neither did I. Well, I never do when Rose goes to Chicago, but this time was different. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

A week went by without a word from her. I was going nuts. Every time I called her cell phone, it went straight to voice mail. As forgetful as she was sometimes, Rose wouldn’t go a week without calling.

The next morning, after another sleepless night, Rose’s sister called me to see if I heard from her. Rose and her sister were very close, and talked every day no matter what. I was on a plane that afternoon.

Ann picked me up from the airport, and we compared notes. Ann hadn’t talked to Rose since the day after she landed. The hair on my neck stood up, and told Ann I had a hunch as to where she could be.

Ben Mite, her ex-husband, was a snivelling little weasel who bullied everyone around, but had no respect for anything, including Rose. Every time they would talk, I wanted to jump through the phone and beat him to a pulp.

Ann had the gas pressed to the floor weaving in and out of traffic, cursing under her breath. I guess she didn’t like him either. She stopped at a restaurant on the north side of town.

She turned to me, “This is where he bartends.”

“I’m in the mood for a drink,” and I get out of the car.

Luckily I got to the door first. I could almost see the smoke coming out of Ann’s ears.

There was only one customer at the bar, and he was too busy reading the paper to notice us. Ben was hunched over the sink doing dishes. He straightened when he saw Ann. Close to six foot, you wouldn’t know it by his voice.

Ann shouted, “Where’s my sister?”

Ben shrugged his shoulders,”I haven’t seen her.”

A cryptic smile washed over his face. I reached over the bar grabbing him by the throat, shaking him. A phone fell from his shorts. Ann rushed behind the bar to grab it. I looked at it.

“Where is she?” I yanked him over the bar.

“I know where he lives,” Ann spat.

Pulling Ben, we climbed in the car. We raced to the house. We entered and I could here Rose whimpering. I push Ben into the bedroom, and he reached for a key on the dresser. I shoved him onto the bed and snatched the key. I opened the closet door. She stood and wrapped her arms around me.

“Lets go home, TJ.”

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