Jessica knew something was wrong before she opened the door. No one knocks on the door at three AM just for a visit.

The detective introduced himself, “May we come in?”

She stepped aside to let him pass. An officer wearing a bullet proof vest followed. Jessica lead the detective to the sofa while the officer went towed the kitchen. Her sister, Tammy, must have heard and came out of the gust room and joined them on the couch.

Jessica squeezed Tammy’s hand as Detective Collins told her that her husband’s body was found in a vacant lot. Joe was scheduled to testify against local mobster Ted Bono, and Collins thought Jessica would be next on his hit list. Collins left leaving Officer Fawn to guard the house, and the two women.

Jessica fell asleep on the couch sobbing on Tammy’s shoulder.  Shattering glass awoke Jessica. She yelled for Tammy, but no answer. Jessica grabbed the fire poker and flicked the light switch on.

The living room window was broken from the outside, and was lifted open.

Jessica crept into the kitchen to find Tammy lying on the floor. Jessica covered her mouth, and tried not to scream.

A gloved hand tried to grab her around her mouth just before Jessica ducked. She crawled toward the back door until she was pulled back by her leg.

Jessica swung the poker behind her, hitting something. Her leg free, Jessica got up to see it was Officer Fawn she hit.

“I’m gonna kill you,” he started to get to his feet.

She swung the poker like a baseball bat, hitting the cop in the face stunning him. She quickly turned a burner on on the stove, and put the end of the poker in the flame. She held the hot end on his throat, ignoring his screams.

Two officers came busting through the front door. They pulled Jessica away, and picked up the would-be killer, and slapped the cuffs on him.

Officer Fawn’s body was found earlier that morning next to a dumpster in an alley way.

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