It was sitting right there. Jim pondered for a moment, curiosity got the best of him. He bent down to pick up the burlap sack.

Jim looked inside expecting to find something valuable. He was almost disappointed there was not. A small white dot was there. Jim tried to pull it out, but was grabbing only the bottom of the bag.

Gazing into the sack again, the dot seemed to be growing, and formed into a small rectangle. He wanted to drop the bag, but couldn’t pull his eyes away from what he was witnessing.

Jim was seeing himself years ago at his mother’s funeral. He was only ten when she was buried. And his father left Jim at the orphanage for the nuns to care for him.

The next image Jim saw was when he was giving his valedictorian speech when he graduated college a couple years ago. His mother would have been so proud.

The next few images Jim didn’t remember. He was standing beside a woman on a beach, and another one had him holding a baby.

The bag turned out to be more valuable than Jim could ever have imagined.

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