Faithful Servant

The white owl spread its massive wings. It was a sign that Queen Wilma had made a decision. Would she, or would she not merry her faithful servant, Jonathon?

After burying two husband five years apart, the queen pondered  for a week after Jonathon asked her.

Two months into her first marriage, Peter came down with a mysterious illness and died. Quentin, her second husband, was killed in a hunting accident.

Queen Wilma sent word for Jonathon. He came before her with an anxious grin.

“Where did you get these?” she held out her hand revealing a gold and silver medallion. A wedding gift for her husband’s.

A look of terror came across his face, “How did you find them?”

“The door to you quarters was open. I saw them hanging on the wall above the bed.” She folded her arms, “Where did you get these?” said firmly.

“I…I…found them, my Queen.”

Her patients wore out and shouted, “Where!”

His bottom lip quivered, “I had to protect you,” his head dropped.

“Off with your head.”

Her soldiers took him to the guillotine.

The Queen wept watching Jonathon’s head fall into the basket.

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