Welcome Home

The snow crunched under Susan’s feet as she looked left and right down the unfamiliar street. She was more confused with every step she took.

Where was she? The last thing Susan remembers was watching the Late Show before going to bed.

If she was dreaming, it was time to wake up. She grabbed a handful of snow, and smashed it against her face. Nope, wasn’t dreaming.

In the far off distance there appeared to be someone walking towards her. At least Susan thought they were coming toward her.

Five minutes later Susan was standing face to face with him.

All at one the memories came flooding back from five years ago.

Susan smiled, “Hi Clyde.”

“I knew you’d come,” he pulled her hand to his chest.

“Marry Christmas,” Susan embraced him. “I missed you.”

“Welcome home,” Clyde kissed her. “I love you.”

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