The Coat

When she bought the coat from the local thrift store, Dana almost couldn’t wait for it to get cold. It looked worth more than the ten dollars she paid for it.

Her husband, Clyde, waited for her at the bottom of the stairs. He held the coat while she slipped it on.

Dana reached into the pockets. Her hand nudged something in the right one. She pulled out sealed envelop with the Mary on front, her grandmothers name. Dana opened, and read it out loud.

My darling Mary. When I get home from this war, we’ll get married. I love you. Tim.

It was dated, 1968.

Dana’s heart started to pound thinking her grandfather, Tim, wrote it for her grandmother. He did serve in Vietnam in 1968. They were married not long after he got home in 1969.

The next day, Dana picked up her mother and drove to her grandmothers house to show her the letter, along with the coat.

Mary took the coat from Dana, “I had one just like this when I was young, before I lost it.”

“This was in the pocket,” she handed Mary the letter.

Mary’s eyes filled with tears as she read the letter. “This is my coat,” she wiped her eyes. “I remember putting it in my pocked after your grandfather gave it to me.”

They sat around the Dinning Room table drinking tea, and sharing wonderful memories of Tim


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