First Morning

Kim let Charlie sleep while she went to get breakfast from Charlie’s favorite place, to surprise him on their first morning as husband and wife. He was the last person she expected to see after she closed the door.

Kendall was the love her life until he unexpectedly broke her heart. He left on a business trip, and came back married. Must have been a hell of a week. In the two years Kim was with him, Kendall never hinted at marriage. Kim didn’t leave her bed for a month.

“What are you doing here?” she stood with her arms folded in disgust.

“I want to marry you,” he flashed a smile.

“One, you’re already married.” She wagged her finger at his face, “And, I can’t stand you.”

She turned and stormed toward her car. “Kim,” he yelled. “I was stupid, and should have never got married.”

Kim revved the motor, and tires squealed as she pulled out. Kendall had to jump out of the way.

Kim came home to Charlie standing over Kendall, who was beaten and bleeding from the nose and ear.

Charlie was shaking and said, “I was in bed and heard a noise.”

Kendall got up and cold cocked Charlie in the head. Kim jammed Kendall in the neck with her keys. Charlie fell to the ground, eventually bleeding to death.

Kim got off claiming self defense. She had a cryptic smile as the verdict was read.

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