Researching the city’s past took Mary to an abandon insane asylum. She loved how the history told stories.

The snow that was predicted was lightly falling under a gloomy sky. The asylum looked like a setting for a Stephen King novel.

After two hours of looking around the twenty room asylum, Mary came out to three feet of snow. She couldn’t get into the car to attempt to drive, and her cell was not getting a signal.

Mary gazed around, but could hardly see through the thick blanket of snow falling. She reluctantly went back into the asylum for some warmth, and to stay dry. Mary sat on a dirty mattress and pulled a book from her purse. Before long she drifted off to sleep.

She was started awake shortly after by the sound of children screaming. Glancing in horror, but sighed in relief to see nobody there. Mary checked her phone, still no signal.

The snow had stopped falling. There had to be almost four feet. Something was glowing just underneath the surface, outside the window. Intrigued, she went to look.

Mary cautiously dug with her hands. The wet snow was slimy to the touch. She stopped digging and, jumped back when two yellow eyes stared back at her.

Mary tried to turn and run, but a force wouldn’t let her. The more she tried, closer back to the hole she was.

She finally gave up and fell in the wet snow. Moist tentacles skimmed over her body.

The sun rose above the tree line. A loud squeal pieced her ears, and the tentacles disappeared.

A truck roared by plowing the snow from around her car. Mary climbed in and drove away as fast as she could.

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