Flying Lessons

“Prepare for emergency landing,” the pilot announced.

Bob opened his eyes in fright.  It took all his strength just to get on a plane.

Bob had to go see her, and bring her home. Was he going to see her again?

Bob gazed around the cabin, all of the passengers seemed to be in a trace. Almost zombie like.

One of the stewardess stumbled around trying to check on the passengers. Whatever affected them was affecting her too.

“Miss. What happened?” Bob asked

“Don’t know,” she slurred. “The beverages my have been contaminated.”

Thank God he didn’t order anything to drink.

“Anything I can do?” Bob unbuckled his seat belt.

His eyes got wide when she answered him. Bob reluctantly went into the cockpit, and sat in the pilot seat. Calling anybody on the radio. He took a deep breath and followed the instructions.

Bob grabbed the wheel and pulled, keeping the nose up. he lowered the landing gear and reduced the air speed. He aimed for a stretch of woods, thinking it would be the the safest place to land.

Crashing through trees just before the wheels hits the ground. The landing gear collapsed under the weight of the plane.

After the plane skidded to a halt, Bob left the cockpit to check on the passengers. Firemen, and rescue workers entered the plain.

Bob slid down the shoot off of the plane. To his surprise, she was waiting at the bottom.

“I love you,” he swallowed her in his arms.

A month later, after their honeymoon, Bob started flying lessons.

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