Nantucket Sound

The first time Shelly saw the house, she fell in love with it. A two story ranch beach house on Nantucket Sound. Her and Bob will be able to move in after the wedding. Shelly always wanted to live on the water.

Seventeen days later, with the stress of the wedding over, they settled into their new house. Shelly had to spend that first night alone because Bob was unable to get the night off. He was the night time ER doctor at Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

Around mid-night Shelly woke to a rapping at the door. Ignoring it, she tried to fall back to sleep, but it kept getting louder. She peeked out the window next to the door. Shelly did a double take to make sure what she saw.

Shelly had herd stories, but thought they were only myths. It looked like a man covered in sea weed, but it had webbed feet. Shelly wanted to scream and run back to her room, but she was paralyzed and gazed at the thing. She watched it disappear into the sea.

She called Bob at the hospital, and he rushed right home. Shelly told him what she saw, but she could tell he didn’t believe her.

“It was just your imagination,” opening the door to go back to work.

The human looking creature was pulling itself up the stairs from the beach leaving a path of sea weed behind. Shelly locked the door as Bob rushed out carrying a baseball bat.

Shelly watched in horror as Bob was thrown like a rag doll down the steps. The thing kept climbing toward the door. Shelly ran to the other side of the house, and hid in a closet.

Hearing the front door being ripped off its hinges, Shelly grabbed a driver form the set of golf clubs she had gotten Bob as a wedding present.  Mustering up the courage, Shelly waited until the thing was outside the closet door to push it open.

She swung the club as if her life depended on it, which it might very well have been. The creature finally fell to the floor. Shelly continued to bash the beast until it stopped flopping around.

Shelly turned to rush out the door to check on Bob. To her surprise he limped through the door. She sprinted into he arms.

“You still love it here?” he whispered in her ear.

She nodded and said, “Gonna take a lot more than the thing from Nantucket Sound to chase me from this house.”



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