Night Shift

I opened my eyes to the beep-beep-beep of the alarm, and shut it off. I jumped out when I felt something land on my shoulder. I turned to see what it was.  An arm on my pillow, and a head of hair peeking through the covers.

I yanked the covers off the bed to find woman. She was naked.

“Where’d she come from?” I said out loud.

I never saw her before. I was torn between waking her, or go take a shower. I’d wake her after I showered, and awake.

I gently shook her. She turned, opens her eyes and jumps back.

“You’re not John,” she said.

I pointed, “He lives next door.”

I knew John’s marriage was on the rocks but didn’t know he was seeing someone.

She told me she was going to get in bed with John to make his wife jealous after Tawny got home from working the night shift.

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