The River

“Can you kill this guy?” Vince handed me a picture, “He’s fucking my wife.”

Without saying a word I studied the man’s face, folded the picture and shoved it in my pocket.

“Thanks Jimmy,” Vince gave me an envelope with five hundred dollars in it before he climbed in his car and left.

I called Terry, and asked her if I could come over. She opened the door as I approached the front porch.

I showed her the picture, “Vince says you’re sleeping with him. And he wants me to kill him.”

Terry nodded, “I’ve never seen him before.”

I left convinced Terry was telling the truth. She was always honest with me, and had no reason not to be. But I needed the money. He was probably some scumbag no one was going to miss anyway.

Around midnight I spotted him leaving Smoky’s, a little dive bar by the river. He turned around when he heard my following him.  I put two bullets in his head, he was gone before he hit the ground.  Rolling the body into the water, I watched it float away.

I punched numbers on my phone, “I’m on my way.”

She put her bags in the car. Terry and I headed for a fresh start.

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