Street Car Diner

“This looks good,” he said out loud as he pulled in to the parking lot of the Street Car Diner.

RJ drove all night from Chicago and wanted to eat breakfast before going to the Park. He’d only been to Pittsburgh once, and that was last July. For the short time he was here, RJ liked what he saw. He was looking forward to playing here, and getting to know the city.

“Good morning,” the girl behind the counter loudly said.

They must have good food. RJ found an open booth in the corner by the window. The waitress came over with a half full coffee pot as soon as RJ flipped over the mug that was on the table.

“I’m Cindy,” she filled his cup.  “You’re RJ Slone, aren’t you?” He nodded, “Welcome to Pittsburgh.”

“Thank you,” surprised she recognized him.

“My son is a big White Sox fan,” she clicked open her pen. “Wait till I tell him I waited on you.”

RJ sipped his coffee as he pulled up the Pirates website on his phone while waiting for his order, and started reading about the teams history. Something he did when he was drafted out of high school by the White Sox seven years ago.

Cindy came back with his order of scrabbled eggs and sausage, and a coffee refill. He ate in peace. What a relief. RJ couldn’t go anywhere in Chicago without autograph seekers, or someone trying to talk to him.

Three months later, RJ was named the Most Valuable Player of the World Series after leading the Pirates to their first title in forty years. His year got better when Cindy agreed to become his wife.

Getting traded to the Pirates couldn’t have work out any better. Being a husband, and a father to Timmy was ten times better than being a ballplayer.


One thought on “Street Car Diner

  1. Cathy Behning

    I love it, White Sox Fan you must be crazy. Those are the wrong side of the tracks. I enjoyed this very much@

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