She was more than bad company, she was toxic. Even her name had a hint of evil in it: Elvira. Sam was sorry he tried talking to her.

Sam was always taken in by a pretty face, and Elvira wasn’t shy on looks. Her curly black hair stretched down to the small of her back. Her bright green eyes were hypnotizing. Sam had never seen such beauty.

When Elvira spoke, it sounded, to Sam, like fingernails running down a chalk board. He was polite, and continued to talk to her even though her voice annoyed the hell out of him.

She offered Sam a cookie, and he graciously accepted it. He bit into it, it tasted funny so he spit it out. Elvira’s eyes turned to a demonizing red. She wrapped her hands around his throat, squeezing slowly. Her fingernails piercing the back of his neck.

Sam slapped her on the side of her head. Elvira loosened her grip, and fell to the ground. Sam tried to run, but a gust of wind knocked him over. Elvira’s head was hovering over him.

“Until we meet again,” he heard as she disappeared.

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