Even though she was blindfolded, Morgan knew exactly where she was. The same room she escaped from three days ago.

Morgan was able to loosen the rope that bound her hands. No one was looking when she peeked out of the blindfold. A door, Morgan saw in the mirror, gave her hope.

She carefully walked toward the door, gazing around at her surroundings. The door opened to a picture of green. Morgan walked through the door, nothing but woods everywhere she looked. She ran to find any kind of civilization.

Sleeping peacefully under a tree, she was started awake by her captors. Her hands and feet were tied, and blindfolded. One of them carried her over their shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Sitting tied to a chair, Morgan heard an amplified voice saying he was a police officer. Her heart pounded even harder after gun fire erupted. tears were streaming down her cheeks as she screamed.

If felt like an eternity before the gun fight stopped. Morgan was relieved when she heard a cop’s voice, and her blindfold taken off. After being untied, she sobbed into the officer’s shoulder.

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