The cafe looked deserted as Lilly sat at an outside table. Gazing around, she saw a man through the window sitting at a table reading the newspaper. She strode in to see if he worked there. He peeked over the paper and told her to have a seat.

The man introduced himself as Clyde, and said he could make her Halloween wish come true. Lilly wasn’t one to believe in that hocos pocos, but she liked a good laugh.

Clyde got a cup of tea from behind the counter and set it in front of Lilly.

He sat down, “Close your eyes, and drink this, my dear.”

“Is it like a potion?” Lilly tried not to giggle as she asked.

The old man nodded. Lilly blew on the tea, shut her eyes and took a sip. She saw her mother with her twin little brothers in front of her childhood home. The Twins were in their strollers with their costumes on. Ricky was a pumpkin, and Ron was a ghost. It was the last Halloween before Lilly’s mother died.

Lilly drank the last swallow, opened her eyes and asked for another cup.

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