One For My Baby

I looked around the bar. The place was empty except for the barmaid. Surprisingly for a eleven-thirty on a Friday.

I strolled up and took a seat in front of the barmaid, whom was washing glasses. Frank Sinatra’s One For my Baby kept playing in my head.

“Slow night,” I said

She shrugged her shoulders, “It’s usually this way on Friday’s”

I looked at her with puzzled eyes. I had never been there on a Friday.

She put a stack of clean glasses in the cooler, “Saturday’s we’re always packed till close.”

“I’ll remember that,” I took a sip of my beer. “I’m Jessie,” raising my glass toward her.

“Barb,” she dried her hands and nodded. “Haven’t seen you before.”

“Only my second time here.” I nodded when she pointed to my glass, “Please. Bud.” Barb set a full one in front of me, “I just moved from up state.”

“I’m from up state,” she excitedly said. “Moved here when I was ten.”

A middle aged couple walked in and sat at the bar beside me. Barb poured their drinks before they said anything.

“How was the movie?” she set the two drinks in front of them.

Harry and Freda introduced themselves. They’ve been coming here every Friday for a year. It was part of their date night, after going to the movie.

It was one thirty when they left. I was about to do the same when Barb offered me a shot. I wasn’t much of a shout drinker, but when a pretty lady offers, you take it.

“Thank you,” and I turned my head to cough. “What did I just have?”

“That was a Scooby Snack.”

“Tasty,” I gulped down the last of my beer. “I thought they were doggy treats,” I smiled.

She laughed, and asked if I wanted another beer. I sipped it while she cleaned up.

Barb put a dollar in the jukebox before going back behind the bar to wash my empty glass. One For my Baby came on, and Barb brought me another shot.

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