New Girl

She didn’t want the same thing to happen to Liz what Sherry went through a year before. Sherry was the new girl, like Liz is now, and naive about the boys around town.

Zach was handsome, charming and attentive. Everything Sherry could ask for. How was she supposed to know he was fucking every slut in town?

It was all a big game to Zach. See how many broads he could bang before the new girl found out. And he had his sights on Liz.

Fortunately Liz mentioned about a date she had tomorrow with a guy named Zach. He was the only Zach in town.

Sherry begged Liz not to go out with him, but it fell on deaf ears. Some people had to learn the hard way.

Sherry inconspicuously follow them the fifteen miles  to the secluded lake. The same place he took Sherry on their first date.

There was no moon, but the stars twinkled in the night sky. They both took off their clothes and dove in the water.

Sherry jumped as she felt something touch her shoulder. She turned around, and saw Liz standing there holding Zach’s clothes.

Liz raised her eyebrows, “Lets go home.”

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