Gold Key

I’v been preparing for this treasure race for five months. There were twenty of us entered. Whom ever found the gold key first was the winner. With a map in my hand and a canteen filled with water, I took off running the ten miles up the mountain side.

I had to slow to a walk about four miles up, the heat was unbearable. The tress were no help against the relentless humidity. Needing to win the prize money, I pushed on.

I stopped and gazed around the top of the mountain. Through the trees I saw a pound. I took a few steps towards it, and there she was.

Toni Cash. She was splashing some water on her face. I thought she quit running when she had her baby. She waved when she saw me. I smiled and jogged toward her.

“How are you?” she asked and hugged me. “I didn’t know you were running today?”

She took my empty canteen, and gave me a drink out of hers. Toni poured some water over my head. The coolness of the water was a welcome relief.  I reached down and splashed her. Suddenly winning the race wasn’t all that important.

Toni pulled me down until we’re both sitting in the refreshing water. We giggled like children playing in a bath.

She turned serious, and pulled a gold key from beneath the water.

I excitedly said, “You won.”

“We won,” she grabbed my neck and kissed me.


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