Birthday Wish

Clark usually likes to fly, but not in a rain storm. If it wasn’t his mother’s birthday, Clark would have never gotten on the plane. Having a window seat made it worse. Even the calming voice of the pilot couldn’t untie the knots in his stomach.

Clark jumped with each drop pelting the window. The overhead lights flickered as thunder clapped and a flash lit up the sky. The pilot announced that they would not make it to Boston, and have to make an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.

Relief shot though Clark when the plane came to a halt at the gate. He didn’t remember the plane being that small when he boarded. The flight attendant  pointed out the direction to go as Clark exited the aircraft. She was dressed like a stewardess from the 1960’s.

Clark found where his gate was, but a two hour wait until departure. He went into the adjacent lounge to relax and have a drink. The TV on the wall was showing a baseball game from the 1969 World Series between the New Your Mets and the Baltimore Orioles.

An old man walked up and asked if he could join Clark, and sat down. Clark’s jaw dropped to the floor when he noticed the date on the mans newspaper; October 15, 1969.

Clark looked around, frightened. He guzzled his drink and stood up.

“Please sit down,” the man said. It’s okay. Your mother sent me.”

Clark slowly sat back down. “Um, How,” he whispered.

“On your fifth birthday, you made a wish that you could have met me.”

“You’re my Grandfather?”

The man smiled, and nodded.

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