Bosses Wife

The car in front of me disappeared into the fog.

“You’re losin him,” Sonny pointed ahead, hitting the windshield with his finger.

“It’s not like he can go anywhere,” I shouted. “Ain’t nothing around but woods.”

I had to stomp on the break pedal to keep from slamming into the back of the stopped car. Sonny and I hurried out of the car, and raced to the drivers side door. Freddie was gone.

Sonny gave me a look, “With this fog, he ain’t gonna be easy to find.”

“I know. But if we don’t, the boss might have us lynched.”

I turned toward the tree, behind me, after hearing a twig snap. I looked at Sonny, and put a finger over my mouth. Pulling out my pistol, I motioned for Sonny to follow.

Freddie was on his knees, looking to the sky and crying. Sonny went to the other side of the tree in case Freddie had any ideas of running.

“Freddie,” I yelled. “Get up and take your punishment like a man.”

He got up with his hands in the air.

“You should have never fucked the bosses wife,” and I put two bullets in his chest.

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