It was an unusually slow happy hour. The late season snow storm caught everyone off guard. Bobby was working the bar alone for the first time. He didn’t mind it being slow.

It picked up some as the afternoon turned into evening. Mostly hardy souls that braved the elements to go to work.

Bobby looked up from doing the dishes when to bell over the door chimed. A woman with long blond hair, wearing a gray cowboy hat sat at the bar in front of him. And it came back to him.

Seven years ago Bobby woke up and told his mother about the girl he dreamt about. She was beautiful, with long stringy blond hair and a cowboy hat. Bobby told her he was going to marry that girl.

“I’m Bobby,” he said. “What can I get you?”

“I’m Amanda,” she smiled. “Surprise me.”

He poured he a scotch on the rocks, and handed it to her.

She smiled widely and her baby blues opened big, “Just what I wanted.”


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