Fresh Start

“I hate this holiday,” he said, looking at the sky.

Ever since high school when BJ got dumped by Sally, on Valentine’s day, it reminded him of the painful memory.  The first girl he was ever in love with. After all these years, he still missed her at times. They say you never get over your first love.

When he was lucky enough to be seeing someone, BJ would make it a point to be out of town. He’d make up an excuse about a business trip.

While playing the slots in a Vegas casino to forget what today was, a woman with long black hair walked up to him.  He hasn’t seen eyes that beautiful in twenty years.

She smiled at him, “Happy Valentine’s Day, BJ.”

He flashed back to that insecure teen.

“Sally?” she nodded. “It’s been a while,” BJ nervously said.

BJ collected his coins and agreed to have coffee with her. Coffee turned into lunch, and an afternoon of getting reacquainted. It didn’t take long for his feelings to come back.

From that day on, Valentine’s Day meant a fresh start with Sally.



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