Twenty-five minuted until John said I do. If it were up to him, he would’ve married Tessa minutes into their first date.

“It’s almost time,” the pastor said, coming in the door.

John jumped out of the chair, “Good. Lets get this over with,” not realizing he said that out loud.

“But first,” the pastor waved to someone in the hall. “Somebody would like to say hi.”

A lump formed in John’s throat when she walked in. He hasn’t heard from Heather since she hastily moved out four months ago.

“Hi John.”

“What are you doing here?” he said in a low whisper.

She reached for his hand, “I wanted to see you before you got married.”

John looked down and shook his head. Now was the time to get the answer to the question he’d been asking himself. Why?

He folded his arms, “I don’t understand.”

“I got scared.” she wiped her moist eyes, “When you told me you loved me, I panicked.”

He badly wanted to kiss her, “That’s no excuse for leaving the way you did. We had a deal. Falling in love was a bonus.”

“I know, and I’m sorry.” Heather stepped closer to him, “I started to care about you too.”

Three months his wedding to Tessa, John received the deed.   And John, Heather and Tessa raised their kids in the beautiful lake front estate.

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