Gil thought he was alone. He never expected to see anyone at the bus stop at two thirty in the morning. Especially looking like that.  She was too young to look like she was worn down by life like she was.

“I’m Gil.”

She picked up her head. “Nancy,” her blue eyes sparkled behind stringy bangs.

Gil was taken with the innocence in her pretty face. Must be beautiful when shined up.

Gil pointed to the bench, “Mind if I sit down?”

A faint smile cracked and she patted next to her, “No.”

He sat next to her and asked, “Why you here alone?”

She brushed her bangs from her face, “Waiting for the bus. I’m leaving town.”

Nancy didn’t appear to be able to afford a bus ticket, “Where you going?”

She rocked back and forth, “Anywhere but here.”

Nancy pointed to the oncoming bus and stood. When the driver got off and was out of site, Nancy grabbed his hand and pulled Gil on with her to the back. Surprisingly Gil didn’t resist.

Nancy leaned over and whispered in his ear, “We’re going home.”

Gil leaned back, stared into her eyes and smiled. Not realizing he, too, did not want to be found.


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