Did he really want to go back there? When Sam left town after high school he vowed never to return.

Sam barely survived childhood with two alcoholic parents that including daily beatings. His teachers never believed him, and Sam was always in trouble in school for making up stories.

It wasn’t until Sam was fourteen that he was able to fight back. After the time his father got the worst of it when he went to beat Sam again, was the time he got kicked out.

When Jo offered him the editor job at the magazine she was trying to get off the ground, Sam felt like he owed it to her to take it. Sam wouldn’t know where he’d be if it wasn’t for her.

He pulled into the the drive way, and Jo came to greet him as Sam got out of the car. A few pleasantries and they walked in the door. Sam was shocked to see his mother sitting on the couch.

She stood and looked him up and down. “Hello Sam,” a single tear rolled down her cheek.

All of the hatred Sam held onto for so long vanished when she smile tenderly at him. He opened his arms and snuggled in her warm embrace for the first time.

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