I open my eyes, and put my hand up to shield the bright sunshine. Fuck, what did I do last night? Each time I blink the drum in my head gets louder.

My surroundings were unrecognizable. In the distance I hear rushing water. Walking toward it, and trying to remember where I heard it before.

An opening in the trees is in sight. I come to the edge of a river back, looking over a waterfall. The mist feels good in the blazing sun.

A campsite with a tent is set up on the other side of the river. A bridge is a little ways up river, and I head toward it.  When I reach the campsite, a man and woman are sitting at a fold out picnic table. I look closely, and the man is me. But who the hell is the girl?

I watch the couple disappear into the woods going down river. Maybe looking around the camp will clue me in as to where I am, and who she is. Before I’m able to look, she comes back and alone.

She rolls up the tent, and throws it and the table over the bank. She looks around, and runs into the woods. I wait a few minutes before I go to look over to where she threw everything. Nothing was there.

No sign of her companion when I went to look for him. I hear a humming noise above me. Across the river in the sky was a hovering disk. A laser beam shot out of the bottom. In a flash, the disk was gone.

“Tanya. There you are,” as she comes walking out of the woods.

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