I went outside to look at the night sky. First time in over a week it’s been clear. I loved looking at the stars ever since I was a kid.

About a half-hour of star gazing I heard the honking of geese. A skein was flying in a V formation heading south. I thought a shooting star was streaking by, but the light seemed to be following the flock.

Passing in front of the moon, the geese and the lights disappeared. From out of nowhere lightning flashed. The gaggle, still in a V, was in my yard. One be one the geese transformed into a family members that died when I was a child. I wanted to scream, but I was too busy trying to breath.

The goose that turned into my Pap at the head of the V stuck his arm out to me, “You must come with us.”

“Why?” I managed to say.

“To save you.”

“Save me?” I backed up a few steps, “From what?”

All seven of them gazed toward the sky, but no one said anything. A chill crossed my shoulders. The lowered their stare forward.

“From what?” again I asked. And again they looked to the stars.

I shook me head, “I can’t.”

Another flash of lightning, and they were gone. Not anywhere to be found in the darkness. I had to pinch myself to see if I was awake.

The air got cold with a chilly breeze. A blanket of clouds covered the stars and moon. Thunder clapped, and seemed to role forever.

The ground began to shake and crack below me. Fire erupted from the Earth just feet in front of me. The blast threw me back causing me to slam against the house. I fell to the ground unable to move.

I opened my eyes, slowly coming in to focus. The window above me revealed a starry night. I felt something grab my hand.

“You’re saved,” my Pap said.

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