The night air was thick and warm. Too warm for the last day of October. The moon wasn’t quite full, and the smoke from the mill gave it a spooky look. The kids were having fun though. First time they didn’t have to wear anything heavy under their costumes.

“Trick-or-treat,” Suzy said, before reaching the porch.

She had on the best one Paul had seen tonight. Her face was green, and she wore a pointed hat. Suzy was a miniature wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. Even the broom matched

Suzy’s eyes glazed over as he put a chocolate bar in her plastic jack-o-lantern. A chill crawled up Paul’s back

Suzy nodded her head, and two short flying monkey’s appeared from behind her. Each had their own broom. One hit Paul over the head with the handle while the other poked him in the stomach. Nothing came out when Paul tried to scream.

The monkey’s tied him to a chair, and left him on the curb. All the children laughed at him as they walked by.

The thunder woke Paul just in time for trick-or-treaters to start coming by. He went to sit on the porch, just like he does every Halloween only to find a witches hat in his chair

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