The locked clicked open. No matter how hard he wished, Trent could not make her or the fact she caught him cheating, go away. Something he wished he was sorry for. But Trent was only sorry he was caught.

Alice was, in most ways, what Debbie wasn’t. But mostly what Alice was, was there. Debbie hadn’t been there for him, or anyone in the five years since their son, Justin, got run over and died. She just closed herself off from the world.

She shut the door behind her. Trent could tell the tears falling from her eyes were filled with anger.

“You’ll never see Alice again,” Debbie rubbed her eyes with her fist.

“Why? What did you do?”

“The same thing I’m gonna do to you,” she pulled a knife from her back pocked and lunged at him.

He caught her wrist as she went to jam the knife into his chest. It flew up as she fell toward him. Trent tried to catch her, but they both fell to the floor. Before Debbie was able to get up, the knife plunged into her belly.

Trent watched in horror as blood spewed from her. He put his hand over the wound, but the blood was coming too fast.

Debbie mouthed the words I’m sorry before closing her eyes. Trent yelled her name a couple of times, but she was gone.

Trent put his head on her shoulder and through loud sobs kept repeating, “I still love you.”

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