Cam woke and lifted his head. He groggily looked around while his eyes focused. Seeing the grocery list on the the refrigerator door meant he was sitting at the kitchen table. But how did he get here? Cam had no memory of what happened, or even knew how long he was asleep.

Cam picked up the note lying next to him. He was horrified at what he read. Checking his arms and legs, there were no wounds. He ran up to look in the bathroom mirror. His face and neck didn’t show any scars. And the only drug he had ever taken was to help make love to his wife. Someone had to be playing a cruel joke. Cam would never commit suicide.

Cam walked to the bedroom, and sat in the chair beside Amy’s side of the bed and watched her sleep. She began to wake and he whispered he name. No response.

“Amy,” louder.

Still nothing.

Before he could shout, a woman he didn’t recognize sat up from his side of the bed. She stoked Amy’s hair, and she opened her eyes. The woman rolled on top of Amy and kissed her.

Cam stood up and shouted Amy’s name again. He jumped up and down trying to get her attention, but to no success.

“Any regrets?” Cam heard her ask Amy.

Amy licked her lips, “That suicide note was a stroke of genius.”

Cam’s gut wrenched as if he’d been kicked. He wanted to throw up. Cam leaned his head back on the chair and sobbed.

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