Davey opened his eyes and looked around. As soon as he saw the IV in his arm he realized he was in the hospital. What happened? Davey saw her face, and it all came back to him.

Roxi had always kept to herself. On those rear occasions she did converse, Davey was the one she’d open up too. After a while he formed a crush on her. Even though she was married, Davey had the feeling she fancied him also.

His suspicions of her marriage unfortunately came true last night when Roxi was trying to defend herself from her husband. Davey ran outside and pulled him off of her. They wrestled around on the ground before Davey was able to land a right to his jaw, knocking him unconscious. Davey didn’t feel the stick puncture him just below the left shoulder until he fell to his knees in pain.

When he woke up, Roxie grabbed his hand like she didn’t want Davey to let go. And their crush grew into a deep love.

Five children and twenty years later, Davey still looked at her the same way as he did on their wedding day

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