John smacked the top of his alarm clock, and immediately regretted going out last night.

He sat up rubbing his head, “Must’ve had fun.”

John went to pull the covers off and noticed a cheap band around his left ring finger. Queasiness set in when he saw someone lying under the covers next to him. John jumped out of bed and quickly grabbed his robe from the floor.

“What did I do? What did I do?” he whispered.

A quick survey of the room told him he was in a hotel. Did he bring a hooker back with him last night? Unlikely. John had no problem attracting women. Anyway, the room suggested the hotel was too nice for a cheap one night stand.

“Morning Mr. Fox,” he heard a tiny voice say.

John turned around slowly. A blond hair little girl was standing in the doorway of the adjoining room.

He squatted and brushed her hair from her eyes, “Hi Joanie. Where’d you come from?”

She pointed behind her, “Me and Lilly slept in that room. Can I call you Daddy now?”

He looked at the ring with panic and relief, “I guess you can.”

“Joanie,” a muffled yell came from the other room.

“It’s okay Lilly, I’m up.” He kissed Joanie’s forehead and hugged her, then said, “Go brush you teeth, honey. I need to talk to Lilly,” as she walked through the door rubbing her eyes.

“Where the hell are we?” he peeked out the window.

“Vegas. Don’t you remember?”

“I don’t remember leaving the bar.”

“When you guys got home last night you said you loved Dawn since you were nine, and asked me if I can come to watch Joanie wile you two got married.”

John looked back as Dawn squirmed out of the covers. He walked over while she sat up on the edge of the bed.

“Hi Mrs. Fox,” he smiled

She pecked his lips, “You remembered.”

He shamefully shook his head, “Lilly told me.”

She playfully pouted her lips, “It’s okay. You were very drunk. I loved you since we were kids too. You still wanna be married?”

He giddily took her hand, “Oh yes. I just have to tell my girlfriend,” they both giggled.

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