The old woman put a curse on me. She’s always cursing me, but never had any came true. I think she was just trying to scare me out of marrying her granddaughter. Just because I wasn’t raised sophisticatedly, she thinks I’ll embarrass the family.

Unlike the rest, last night’s came with a warning; take precaution or fall into the depths of the abyss.

Something in her eyes told me to believe her this time, and to heed the warning. Her voice had a sharper tone to it also. Could she really be some sort of witch?

Two nights later, one week before the wedding, I’m woken by the cracking of the floor under my bed. Oh my God, it worked.

Bypassing my robe, I was able to grab my shoes. I tried to put them on as I ran down stairs, but the steps were falling through behind me. I flung open the front door, and it proceeded to come unhinged. I was suddenly push down. I dove out to safety before being sucked in.

A hole was where the house stood. From the edge, I saw only darkness below.

“Are you all right?”

I turned to see Karen looking at me. She was wearing a white wedding dress with a black cape around her neck.

With a half smile she said, “We had to make you believe.”


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