Ben was never one for parties, but agreed to let his father throw him a small one for graduating from Rutgers University. It was only right. His two mothers sent him to Europe for a month.

It was a small gathering that included his step-sister and his thirteen year old twins cousins, Jack and Erica. Mostly close friends of his father and his wife.

Ben’s dad was hoping that Ben would follow his foot steps, and become a scientist. But Ben got his degree in business with the idea of working on Wall Street. He changed his plans after a buddy talked him into preforming in a Christmas play a few months ago

With the help of his father’s friend, Joey, Ben enrolled in an acting class, and played a small roll in, Along the Hudson. A soap opera Joey writes for.

Ben decided the party was the perfect time to tell his dad he was going to be an actor. Ross couldn’t have been more proud of his son for going after what he wanted.

It did take long for Ben to be a regular on the show with more story lines. Ben was happiest in front of the camera, and hoped it was the start of a successful career.

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