“Are you still on that?” Rain grabbed a cigarette from her purse and lit it, “I told you Sunday I was with my sister.”

“I called every five minutes,” Don stood facing her with his arms folded. “And put that out!”

Rain took a long drag, and blew smoke in his face just to watch him get more pissed. It’s how she felt for the last month.

Even before he accused her of cheating, his mood began to change. Always on the defensive. And every word he said to her had a lingering sneer.

“You finished?” he spat

Rain put another one in her mouth. Don grabbed her wrist before she could light it. In sixteen years, it was the first time Rain saw him wanting to hit her.

“Get your fucking hand off me,” she said, through gritted teeth.

It was the first time she swore in front of him. Surprise was on his face as he removed his hand.

“Tell me Don,” she said, between puffs. “If you’re the one having an affair, why the hell you accuse me?”

He raised his hand, and Rain flicked her cigarette at him. Don swayed to his left to avoid it, and Rain ran past him out the door.

Rain watched from behind the oak tree across the street as he came out of the house. It looked as if he was ready to cry. She felt bad for throwing her cigarette at him.

“I’m sorry Don,” she said, walking up to him.

He put his head down, “I’m sorry.” Don put his arms around her and began to cry on her shoulder.

She Just let him.

“I never,” he lifted his head. “I never meant for this to happen.”

“I know.” Rain stroked the back of his head, “I know. Does she make you happy?”

Don gave a little nod and began to weep.

Softly she said, “Go be happy,” fighting the nauseousness.

He gave her the house, and walked out of her life. She took some satisfaction knowing he might be happier with her than he ever was with Rain.


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