Rex never expected to fall in love again, and wasn’t looking. When his wife left him for a blond named Crystal, he packed up and moved for the warm breezes of the Gulf of Mexico.

A year after Rex was there, he met Joy while she was vacationing from just north of his home town. He forgotten how much he missed it up north.

They kept in touch when she went home, and soon talked a couple of times every day.  Eventually Joy asked him to to move in with her. But did he want to go back to the area that held a painful memory? Not taking time to dwell on it, Rex moved again.

As soon as he got there, it felt like home. He didn’t think it was possible to be this happy, and concluded he was in love. A few months of bliss turned sour when Joy’s ex-fiance came around. Joy left him when he cheated on her, but now saying he wanted another chance.

Rex’s gut wrenched as Joy told him she could not stop thinking about Rick, and wanted to try it again. Rex wanted to argue, but the sparkle had left her eye when she looked at him.

Fighting back tears, Rex packed up and caught a train headed west. He vowed not to let a woman steal his heart ever again.

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