I never expected to cross his path again. After Dale was acquitted, I had heard the piece of shit moved to the pacific northwest. He should have done everyone a favor and walked into the ocean.

I guess I got lucky, and wasn’t as messed up as some of the other kids. The time he tried to make me touch him in the class room after lunch, I screamed my head off. The teacher that taught in the room across the hall came running in as Dale was zipping up.

The principal talked to me, and then two cops walked in.

A week later he was fired when more allegations came out. Thirty kids in all, over a fifteen year period. Most of whom he taught.

The team of lawyers he got knew how to manipulate the system. Took the jury five hours to come back with a not guilty verdict.

Now I see him. Fifty feet in front of me among the crowd at a water park.

For a split second, I thought about going up to him to ask why? But I would not accept and answer he gave me, or done something I’d regret.

I stood there watching him as he disappeared into the sea of people. For eighteen years I learnt to deal with that part of my past, only to have it resurface in a blink of an eye.


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