Jody needed this. She hasn’t had a vacation in over two year. When she found out her parents and two sisters were going to her Grandmother’s for her ninetieth birthday, Jody cleared her schedule for a three week stay. The only downside was her husband, Tom, wouldn’t be there. He’d be away at lest another month on assignment.

The beach town was exactly as she remembered it. Jody rolled the window down to smell the salty air. It took her back to when her and her sisters fed the seagulls on the beach.

Jody pulled in behind the old Chevy her Grandmother did’t have the heart to get rid of after Grandpa past, and assumed she was the first one there. Jody honked the horn to let her know she was there. Something Jody has been doing since Grandpa taught her to drive.

The aroma of fresh baked apple pie greeted her as she let herself in. Her Grandmother came around the corner, and Jody hugged her like she hasn’t seen her in years.

“I have a surprise for you,” she whispered in Jody’s ear.

Jody turned around to see Tom standing behind her. Grandma was always full of surprises.

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