Misplaced Memories

It didn’t matter how much Archie argued with his father. The arrangements were made, Archie would take a bride tomorrow.

The only son was to be married on his eighteenth birthday. It’s been the custom for centuries.

Archie’s parents, Gabby and Allen, always planned on having more than one child, and hopefully another son. But Gabby had complications during child birth, and was told having another baby could kill her.

For a year Archie tried to convince his father to go against custom and let him marry his best friend, Tara. Her didn’t love her, but at least her knew her.

The morning of his wedding, Allen pulled him aside.

“I have something to show you,” he pulled out two pictures from his wallet and handed them to Archie.

Archie studied them for a moment. Like a light bulb switching, the memories came back to him. He met Betty and her family at the beach when he was seven. They played together the whole week of their vacation. He forgot how much fun it was.

“After seeing you together,” Allen said, and pointed at Betty. “She was the one you’d marry.”

Archie turned his head to look at his father, “How come I forgotten about this until now?”

“Maybe you didn’t forget.” Allen shrugged his shoulders, “I think, maybe, you just misplaced them,”

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