Morning Run

The weather was perfect for her morning run, upper fifties under a blanket of sunshine. The blue water was calm save for a pod of dolphins swimming by. Kathy loved seeing them every day.

Half way through her five miles, Kathy saw something sticking out of the sand on the lonely beach twenty feet below. Instead of continuing on her rout, Kathy jogged down the ramp leading to the beach.

She stopped and crouched at the bottle sticking its neck out. The sun shining off the clear bottle made it noticeable from the cliff. Kathy dug a couple time with her hands and easily pulled it out.

A neatly rolled paper was inside. The song, Message In A Bottle, by Sting, played in  her mind. She tried pulling the cork out of the top, but it wouldn’t budge. She broke the bottle open on one of the river rocks that lined the base of the hill, and removed the paper.

It was a small diagram of the plan where she lived, with an X where her house was. Kathy blankly stared at it. What did it mean? Her imagination was running, but doing her best to keep calm.

Was someone watching her? The only person she told about her run each morning, she trusted with her life.

She sprinted, and was home in less than ten minutes. Quickly unlocking the door and walking in, excitement and emotion filled her heart.

In the chair on the other side of the room, her husband was smiling and holding a half-dozen roses.

“I sweetheart. I got an early discharge, and I’m home for good.”

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