The charming little house was coming along nicely. The renovations were a few day away from being done, and Ken was breaking ground for the new swing set he promised his niece and nephew would be up when they came over.

Ken had dumped a shovel full of dirt into a wheelbarrow, and push the shovel into the ground for the third time. It hit something just below the surface.

Ken knelt down and brushed the dirt away with his hand, and pulled it from the ground. It was an old band-aid tin with the top tapped shut.

He’d clean it, and set it with his collection of old beer cans. One of the few collections he had.

He gently took the tape off and lifted the lid. Ken was both shocked and pleased to find something in the tin. When he pulled it out, he could not believe his eyes.

A 1927 Caramel baseball card featuring Babe Ruth. It had to be buried at least seventy years, he guessed. The Yankees won the World Series that year with Ruth leading the way with sixty home runs.

The thought, for a moment, crossed Ken’s mind to sell it, and not have to work again. But it became the first card in his new obsession.

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