New Kid

Peter didn’t  care is Sharon wanted him there or not. Just as long as he was in the same room with her. He’s been in love with her since mid-October, when she move next door and became the new kid in his class.

Every day after school he’d go over to sit with her for an hour or so until her mother got home from work. Sometimes they would do their home work, but most of the time they’d sit in silence and watch TV. Once in a while he would say some and she’d just nod in agreement.

One Friday in March while watching the Flintstones, an older, bigger boy came to the front door. Sharon let him in after he said his name was Josh, and her best friend, Tabatha, was on her way over.

Josh kept grabbing her arm, trying to hug and kiss her. She looked at Peter as if to say help.

Peter rushed up and pushed Josh causing him to fall against the arm of the couch. Peter stood over him, but before he could say anything Josh got up and ran out the door.

“My hero,” as Sharon hugged him.

Fifteen minutes her mother came home and Peter left. Josh was waiting for him when he got to his porch.

Peter pulled a five dollar bill from his front pocket, “Thanks for the help.”

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